Learn to Speed Skate

We are seeking recreational skaters or those who thrive on competition for an opportunity, close to home, to participate and develop speed skating skills. 

Kirk S. Nevin Arena, Greensburg, PA

8-week group lessons beginning October 3, 2018.

Conducted by Pittsburgh Speedskating Club coaches. Every other Wednesday 3:45 to 4:45 PM. Cost $150.00. The program needs 8 commitments to take place or funds will be returned. Print and mail with payment using: Registration Form. 


Pittsburgh Ice Arena, New Kensington, PA

The Club conducts an on-going regular Sunday morning session most weeks, year round. We do welcome new skaters. See Schedule and Join Us for more information.

Note: At either location loaner speed skates are available. For equipment requirements see: Attending Your First Practice

For additional information call Bob at (724) 744-0037 or by email rhalden@windstream.net. Or contact John Watton at jdwatton@yahoo.com or 724-325-2814 (call or text).

스피드 스케이팅 선수들, 환영합니다.



2 thoughts on “Learn to Speed Skate

  1. Just wondering if there is a chance for this to be any later in the evening sometime. My daughter (16 years old) is very interested but the time is way too early for us to get her there. If there is a chance for this to eventually be later in the day that would be great.


    1. We agree that the time is not ideal, but it is the best that the Kirk Nevin Arena could offer. We do have a session in New Kensington most Sunday mornings at 8 am. The full schedule is available on the home page.


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