The Pittsburgh Speedskating Club’s mission is to introduce and provide supervised training in a fun and exciting winter sport. It is the hope of the Club to develop not only strong skaters, but also skaters of good character, strong sportsmanship, and good health.  Our Club encourages and promotes skaters of all skill levels. Be a Part of the Sport that Won more Olympic Medals than any other Winter Sport!

How to get started
New skaters are welcome at most practices.   Please check out our page on Learn to Speedskate and let us know of your interest – see Contact Us. There are coaches at practices who will help you learn the skills. Most of our sessions are at the Pittsburgh Ice Arena at 700 Craigdell Rd, 15068. See our On Ice Schedule, with pricing information.

Speedskates use a blade that is much longer, flatter, and narrower than a hockey or figure skate.  Boots are also lower. The club has loaner skates available on a first-come first-served basis.  They are not available through the front desk, so make sure to Contact Us in advance, and arrive 25 minutes early so we can get you properly fitted.

John Henry Krueger, Olympic medalist and Pittsburgh native and our recent past head coach

Skills required
A basic knowledge of skating is helpful, but not required.   If you can already make it around the ice on hockey or figure skates, you can learn to speedskate quickly. Practicing for an hour once a week makes you a very good skater.

We have skaters of all ages, from as young as 6 to adults. Come join them on the ice.

Our volunteer coaches are Bob and Larry. Together they have decades of experience and coaching credentials in the sport. Bob is also a referee at local and national short track meets. You will also find Gibby and Maddie as assistant coaches at many practices.

There are opportunities to compete and the club travels to competitions in other states. Most competitions are open to all levels of skaters, with groupings based on seed times. As skaters advance through the ranks, there are opportunities to skate in national level Americas Cup events and National Championships.

The Pittsburgh Speedskating Club has been the start for national champions, North American champions, top nationally ranked skaters, and John-Henry Krueger, an Olympic individual medalist in 2018 and an Olympic relay medalist in 2022!  For skaters with the talent and the drive, the opportunity is here. Read more about our Notable Alumni.

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We welcome all speedskaters
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