Off Ice Training

Cross Training on In-lines

If you are interested in cross training on in-lines at Pittsburgh’s jail trail or velodrome talk to coach Larry. Don’t have in-lines? You can use your bike and try to keep up with coach Larry and Maddie as they exceed the jail trail’s speed limit! Note that as of November, the outdoor season for in-lines has come to an end. See you on the trails next year.


Off-Ice Dry-land

Most weekend on-ice practices will follow with off-ice dry-land exercises led by Maddie.


Useful Videos of Dry-land Drills from US Speedskating

Even the best skaters in the world always go back and make sure their basic movements are correct. They practice and review all basic drills almost on a daily basis in their warm up or workout. Some of those drills also can be transferred onto the ice if you master them on foot.

Basic Position

Baby Steps

Leg Throughs

Kill Zone

Dryskate with a Squat

Dryskate Hops

Low Walk

In and Out Hops

Cross Backs

Tree Dance Up-Downs

“Basic drills are a great way to work on skating technique. I do a couple of those exercises every day before I get on the ice, to remind myself of the proper form so it’s easier to skate correctly once I get on the ice,” says Carlijn Schoutens, 2018 Bronze Medal Winner Team Pursuit.

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